Lucy G Art & Splashbacks

Lucy G specialises in photographic art and creates timeless & unique NZ inspired prints, circular artworks, glass wall art, printed image splashbacks, ceramic art tiles, art skate decks, outdoor artwork, printed art blinds, large photo wall murals and more.

Lucy's popular tropically themed NZ bird artworks celebrate nature with many photographic 'pieces' collaged together to produce digital mixed media works that look like surreal paintings with flamboyant colours and lots of hidden detail.

‘’I use photography the way a painter uses a paint brush – to illustrate my visions and to create works that are exciting, vibrant and uplifting.’’

Glass wall artworks have also become popular and are a great way to introduce artwork into bathrooms and wet areas as they are moisture resistant and printed glass splashbacks are the perfect way to transform a kitchen or even shower area. Printed art blinds are a new product and are becoming popular for window features in small rooms.

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