Oh Bubbles

The 'Carbonate ANY Drink' Appliance:

You can go way beyond sparkling water with OH Bubbles. Looking to cut down on sugary sodas? Or searching for the perfect new drink? Then it’s time to get fizzy with OH Bubbles. This is the best 'soda maker' that can directly carbonate any cold drink. Juices, iced tea or coffee, lemonade, energy drinks, wine, pre-mixed craft cocktails, and even flat soda or beer. OH Bubbles sparkles them all! Our proprietary Fizz Infuser technology is what makes this possible through controlled pressure release. 

Available in 4 colurs to match your kitchen decor. OH Bubbles appliances are powered by standard  60L (14.5 oz) CO2 carbonator cylinders. You can order with or without CO2 supplies. 

Get an OH Bubbles so you can be creative in making new beverages, drink healthier, and have fun. 

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