Tjhoko Paint NZ

Tjhoko Paint is the World's first water-based, self-sealing acrylic chalk paint. Tjhoko is Eco friendly and odorless. The Tjhoko Paint holding company has been manufacturing high quality paint for more than 18 years.

The unique non-toxic properties and formulation of Tjhoko Paint means it can be used on virtually any surface and in virtually any environment from Children's nurseries to outdoor spaces. With no wax or sealant required, Tjhoko's Matt finish paint becomes UV and water resistant by simply applying our glaze.

Tjhoko Paint can be used on wood, metal, glass, natural fabrics, laminated surfaces and previously varnished surfaces with no sanding or priming required (just a thorough wipe down with lacquer thinners).

Thjoko Paint is truly a revolutionary product! Transform any space to suit your creativity and desires. Don't just paint it, Tjhoko it!

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