Green Place 

05.11.19 03:07 PM By Eve

Green on the inside with these tips! 

Plants elevate a stylish interior into somewhere to rest and rejuvenate and are an affordable way to freshen up your interiors. Here are a few tips to turn your home into a forest filled with fabulous foliage.

Cute Cactus

When selecting a houseplant you're probably looking for something that can thrive without constant maintenance or direct access to sunlight, like succulents and cacti. These are easy-going plants and a good way to gain confidence before moving on to more colourful, exciting specimens.

Let there be light

Different plants require different levels of light and picking a spot with the right requirements for your indoor plants will go a long way to keeping them alive.  Most foliage plants do best in bright, indirect light, like south facing windowsills. Desert cacti and most succulents are sun lovers and need a sustained period of direct afternoon sun. Many flowering plants need lots of light to bloom.

Hot and steamy

Some plants don’t fare well in the bathroom because of low light and humidity but others, like potted palms or maidenhair ferns, positively thrive for the same reason. As a rule the thinner the leaf the greater its need for humidity. Tropical plant pals like ferns are the biggest fans of humid air and will make a happy home in your bathroom as well an exotic addition to your decor.

Cater to the kitchen

Growing edible plants in the kitchen means you can get fresh flavour into your meals.  Mint, basil and chives grow fast and add a splash of greenery that’s useful and delicious!

Wonderful water 

A plant’s water needs are closely related to the amount of light it receives. The more light absorbed, the greater the growth and the more water is needed. It’s easy to overwater indoor plants and kill them with kindness. So dip your finger into the top soil layer once or twice a week to see if it needs a drink.

The perfect pot 

Choosing the right home for your indoor greenery is not just about aesthetics. It’s important to select a pot that gives the roots room to develop and the height to suit the plants' growth. To avoid having to re-pot too regularly aim for something about 2-4cm bigger in diameter around its base. Indoor pots should have a hole in the bottom and a saucer for collecting any water overflow, as poor drainage can lead to root rot. Add a layer of rocks and sand in the bottom to keep any excess water away.

Ready, steady, grow!