This family window seat is a great project if you are keen on Home Improvements and love DIY. Read on for first hand 'how to tips and tricks.'


As you would expect the team who bring you the Home Improvement Expo & Auckland Home Show are a creative bunch. We all love improving our homes...

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If you need a bit of help getting your savings plan kick-started, without feeling like you’ve turned into a complete hermit living in a ‘no-fun zone’ try some of the Home Show teams tips to save money.
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Staining a deck for the first time? Protect and beautify easily by following these steps! You'll get it right first time with great results.
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The key to a successful renovation is in the planning; a project that’s completed both on time and most importantly within budget is key to enjoying your newly renovated kitchen, bathroom or outdoor area.
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Plants elevate a stylish interior into somewhere to rest and rejuvenate and are an affordable way to freshen up your interiors. Here are a few tips to turn your home into a forest filled with fabulous foliage.
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We share 13 ideas that prove that getting into the Halloween spirit doesn’t have to mean giving up your sleek design cred—it’s possible to get the spooky vibe without giving up your style or taste.
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When you’re planning to decorate your home, looking to the latest colour and decorating trends is an easy way to get new ideas and inspiration.  The team from Resene share a few of the new trends that you'll see in 2019 and into 2020, and beyond.

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We explore Smart home technology to improve your home life using automation. From a simple task like having a digital assistant to play your music, or set reminders to more complicated like fully automating lighting to your personal preference when you enter the room.
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These are some of the basic laundry design tips & ideas you should think about when updating your laundry.
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